How A Psychic Medium Got Born Again!

My testimony is long. It reads like a thriller! More fantastic than the thriller in Manila! What I have written in the post is about the 4 days that led up to me becoming born again. The book covers 25 years as a minister in a black denominational church.



By Pam Sheppard

There is an un-spoken true story  to consider—a part of my testimony  that I rarely share  or reveal–a  most astonishing time—-the  4 day period leading up to the most important day of my life. I rarely share  my complete testimony  publicly because I personally prefer to remain Christ-centered.  Yet these are the events in real time that led me to Jesus in the first place. I have reasoned that I leave these matters out for the sake of brevity.  Well, after 41 years, its time to reveal the complete circumstances that led to how an atheist psychic medium, became born again on March 29, 1977 at 4pm.  It was a Monday.

Back in 1974, I began to  practice what the bible refers to as “necromancy” defined as communicating with dead humans   through  an occult practice called automatic writing, aka “channeling.” This too is another story…

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