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The Fake Jesus and Me

Growing up  in Harlem as a child of the ’40’s, the Lord protected me from the black church and from religion. Now that I have entered into deliverance counseling with tormented Christian clients, I understand why. Religiosity and the present … Continue reading

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A Fallen Angel Name In Our Times: St. Germain

To my readers, I was deep into the occult for three years, when the Lord snatched me out of it and caused me to become born again on March 29, 1977.  This holiday season, I have already given thanks to the Lord … Continue reading

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Psychic Predictions or Divine Prophecy? By Minister Kellie

Psychic predictions or anointing from God? Fortune teller or prophet? If you hold the title of prophet, you might just be under demonic deception. Here’s why: the devil can find out information too. A fortune-teller had a field day with Apostle Paul … Continue reading

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I Was Once a Medium for A Fallen Angel

Automatic Writing and Channeling I ignorantly made an invitation to fallen angels  by participating in a séance.  Once I made the invitation, I moved to the next level of mediumship which used to be called automatic writing but today is fashionably called … Continue reading

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Delivered from Addictions and Finally Free: Part 1 By Minister Micael

Dear reader, this is the story of my deliverance experience. I was constantly depressed before the year 2000. It got worst in junior high. And even more of a problem when I started drinking during the second half of high school. … Continue reading

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      JOINED IN BARBED WIRE! When I was an unsaved atheist, God actually did join me in marriage.  I also had sense enough to pick a man who was compatible to me in every way.  Although my first husband  died … Continue reading

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Satan's Agenda for a Little Girl: Visitations from the Fake Jesus by Minister Kellie

By Minister Kellie Satan tried to steal my soul at a very young age. When I was three years old, I was sexually abused by the teenage boys and girls down the street from where I lived. What would a little girl know about … Continue reading

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