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The Fake Jesus and Me

Growing up  in Harlem as a child of the ’40’s, the Lord protected me from the black church and from religion. Now that I have entered into deliverance counseling with tormented Christian clients, I understand why. Religiosity and the present … Continue reading

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What Is the Spirit of Jezebel?

What is the Spirit of Jezebel? It should not surprise you the irony of where the teaching that there is an evil spirit  called Jezebel came from. It came from a Catholic nun by the name of Sister Nadine.  Five years … Continue reading

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A Former Pastor Warns: Leave the Church: Part 5

Leave the church: A Historical Perspective of “the Great Falling Away.” Once I heard in a supernatural way that the organized church had already been judged, I decided to try the spirits to see if they be of “God by … Continue reading

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A Former Pastor Warns: Leave the Church Part 2

When I left the church in 2004, I did not know that it was a permanent move.  I expected that the Lord would lead me to another church affiliation.  I had my eye on Rev. Paul Morton’s organization, the full … Continue reading

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THE FALSE JESUS: Are You Worshipping him?   HERE IS THE PATTERN. Those who came to know Jesus Christ through the organized church have come to know the Jesus of their understanding, embraced him, fallen in love with his sacrifice, … Continue reading

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How We Set Captives FREE at SCC The main objective of Christian counseling is to set captives free. At Sheppard’ Counseling Center, the most important tool in the process is actually  the captive.  For example, if during the assessment process, … Continue reading

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The Voice of a Stranger As An End Time Sign

AN END TIME SIGN by Pam Sheppard Among my faithful Facebook friends is a cadre of serious believers who continually share YouTube video clips, blogtalkradio programs, and various articles that dramatically portray how the enemy has infiltrated the Christian community with … Continue reading

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