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The Great Falling Away and Satan's Agenda

I suspect that the great falling away began about 200 years ago by the introduction of the sinner’s prayer. the invitation which led to the the easy believism of the “I accept Jesus” practice. Then with the Azusa Street deception of … Continue reading

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How the Sinner's Prayer Opens the Heart Chakra to the Demon Isha

I coined the term “counterfeit births” because I have seen so many false conversions because of the sinner’s prayer. My book, “The Religious Demon” provides profiles of about 75% of the cases. I’ve yet to write a second edition. A … Continue reading

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The Fake Jesus, Charles Finney And False Conversions

From the days when Lucifer fell from heaven because of his rebellion against God, what compells this number one fallen angel is that he desires to be worshipped like God.  As such, he will go to ANY lengths to obtain … Continue reading

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False conversions.  I call them “counterfeit births.” I suspect that false conversions are the major sign of the great falling away. Clearly, it is rather obvious, even to the least spiritual among us in the world and in the religious … Continue reading

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I have spent 3 decades learning how to discern good from evil where it comes to supernatural experiences like “hearing voices.” The bottom line is that “it ain’t easy.”  Some would take a scripture out of its original context and … Continue reading

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Excerpts from “the New Idolatry” by Pam Sheppard. In the year 2000, an African American charismatic believer sought my help to be delivered from out of control sex with an invisible being. I only met with her for two sessions, … Continue reading

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Satan's Agenda for a Little Girl: Visitations from the Fake Jesus by Minister Kellie

By Minister Kellie Satan tried to steal my soul at a very young age. When I was three years old, I was sexually abused by the teenage boys and girls down the street from where I lived. What would a little girl know about … Continue reading

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