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What Is An Ascended Master?

What is an ascended master? The first thing you need to know is that they lie. To those who believe in reincarnation, they tell their New Age mediums/channels and followers that they have lived several different human lives over thousands of years … Continue reading

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A Fallen Angel Name In Our Times: St. Germain

To my readers, I was deep into the occult for three years, when the Lord snatched me out of it and caused me to become born again on March 29, 1977.  This holiday season, I have already given thanks to the Lord … Continue reading

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What Is the Spirit of Jezebel?

What is the Spirit of Jezebel? It should not surprise you the irony of where the teaching that there is an evil spirit  called Jezebel came from. It came from a Catholic nun by the name of Sister Nadine.  Five years … Continue reading

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"The Whose Who On A List of Demon Names

THE WHOSE WHO ON A LIST OF DEMON NAMES There are demons and there are fallen angels which we can simply call “devils.” Demons must be cast out. Fallen angels must be driven away by the spiritual armor of Ephesians … Continue reading

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I Was Once a Medium for A Fallen Angel

Automatic Writing and Channeling I ignorantly made an invitation to fallen angels  by participating in a séance.  Once I made the invitation, I moved to the next level of mediumship which used to be called automatic writing but today is fashionably called … Continue reading

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by Pam Sheppard How did it all begin?  The answer can be found in the book of Enoch:  the rise of witchcraft.  Fallen angels of Noah’s day taught their human wives curious arts.  In other words, the fallen angels of … Continue reading

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      JOINED IN BARBED WIRE! When I was an unsaved atheist, God actually did join me in marriage.  I also had sense enough to pick a man who was compatible to me in every way.  Although my first husband  died … Continue reading

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