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Deliverance Ministry's Use of A List of Demon Names

Deliverance Ministry’s Use of a List of Demon Names In the field of deliverance ministry, there are 3 schools of thought: The Spiritual Warfare School, the Providential School and the Laodicean World View. The Spiritual Warfare school of thought is … Continue reading

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False conversions.  I call them “counterfeit births.” I suspect that false conversions are the major sign of the great falling away. Clearly, it is rather obvious, even to the least spiritual among us in the world and in the religious … Continue reading

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     With 30 years in ministry under my belt, I know a thing or two about false prophets. Besides the TV mega preachers that Iwatched for years, I also came to know at least 200 ministers while I was pastoring in … Continue reading

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  LET THE GOOD SPEAK EVIL In 1988, Geraldo Rivera televised a program that focused on Christian Cults, with the subtitle “Zombies for Christ.” Interviews are held with people who underwent deprogramming from the influence of charismatic, fundamentalist leaders and … Continue reading

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Spiritual Covering Exposed: The Truth about Spiritual Covering Part 2

Spiritual covering? I’m back again with part 2 of Spiritual Covering Exposed: The Truth about Spiritual Covering. All right then, I’m going to make a confession right here in this blog post. I was a spiritual covering junkie. Yes, at one … Continue reading

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Spiritual Covering Exposed: The Truth about Spiritual Covering Part 1

Minister Marlene Spiritual covering! Have you heard about it? Do you need it ?  What is spiritual covering? Are you one of those who were sent…or are you one of those who just went, minus a spiritual covering? Whose your spiritual … Continue reading

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My First Encounter with an Orb   About 5 years ago, I was contacted by a pastor  from Denmark who had visited my website. I had a picture uploaded  of my storefront church among my photos  and the  pastor noticed … Continue reading

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