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Are You Hearing From God or the Devil About Your Ministry? Part 3

Are You Hearing From God or from the Devil About Your Ministry? At times, God WILL confirm.  When he does, it will not be an assumption. IT WILL BE FACT AND TRUTH THAT SETS YOU FREE.   Take it from … Continue reading

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Are You Hearing From God or the Devil About the Gifts of the Spirit? Part 2

ARE YOU HEARING FROM GOD OR THE DEVIL ABOUT  THE GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT? The enemy really designs his deception based upon his knowledge of us.  The secret desires of our hearts  and our assumptions provide religious demons with  both … Continue reading

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Are You Hearing From God or the Devil About Your Prince Charming? Part 1

Hearing From God about Your Prince Charming? To know if you are hearing from God, the first thing you need to know is that you will hear more from the devil in audible voices than you will hear from God.  … Continue reading

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The Voice of a Stranger As An End Time Sign

AN END TIME SIGN by Pam Sheppard Among my faithful Facebook friends is a cadre of serious believers who continually share YouTube video clips, blogtalkradio programs, and various articles that dramatically portray how the enemy has infiltrated the Christian community with … Continue reading

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I have spent 3 decades learning how to discern good from evil where it comes to supernatural experiences like “hearing voices.” The bottom line is that “it ain’t easy.”  Some would take a scripture out of its original context and … Continue reading

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