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Speaking in Tongues: Has Tongues Ceased?

Speaking in tongues was  one of Gods gifts to his people to help spread his message among His people. One the Day of Pentecost, in one local community there were 17 different languages spoken. They ALL heard the gospel in their own … Continue reading

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WHAT IS AN ASCENDED MASTER? It was not until the year 2006 that I had even heard the term ascended masters. I had been watching  a video clip of Cindy Trimm.  I did not know very much about her ministry, only … Continue reading

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The Voice of a Stranger As An End Time Sign

AN END TIME SIGN by Pam Sheppard Among my faithful Facebook friends is a cadre of serious believers who continually share YouTube video clips, blogtalkradio programs, and various articles that dramatically portray how the enemy has infiltrated the Christian community with … Continue reading

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Charles Finney and the Fake Jesus

Charles Finney and the Fake Jesus From the days when Lucifer fell from heaven because of his rebellion against God, what compels this number one fallen angel is that he desires to be worshipped like God.  As such, he will … Continue reading

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  Never, at any stage in history, has the scene been so fully set for the manipulation of a deception of global proportions through the work  of these fallen angels who  call ascended masters.  For the situation in which we find ourselves … Continue reading

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