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The Fake Jesus and Me

Growing up  in Harlem as a child of the ’40’s, the Lord protected me from the black church and from religion. Now that I have entered into deliverance counseling with tormented Christian clients, I understand why. Religiosity and the present … Continue reading

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THE NEW IDOLATRY Click the blue  link above to watch the video clip. The book is no longer available at as we have changed website hosts. On this website, books are available on and the ebooks are on … Continue reading

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How Religious Demons Enter the Pulpit

How Religious Demons Enter the Pulpit by Pam Sheppard I was a preacher for almost 3 decades. I preached an average of one sermon a week for 20 years, with 8 of those years preaching 3 sermons a week.  On … Continue reading

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If You Are Saved, You Must Come Out of The Church System

10/25/11 Thirty Years a Minister! I started out for 33 years of life an atheist.  Once I had a ‘Damascus Road” type of experience with the Lord, I was sold out for Him.  And it was two years—1979–before I attended … Continue reading

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So why did St. Germain visit me?  Well, first of all, I ignorantly made an invitation to him by participating in that seance.  Once I made the invitation, I moved to the next level of mediumship which used to be … Continue reading

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The Invisible war and THE NEW IDOLATRY!

There is a spiritual war going on all around us.  An invisible war.  This war is a fulfillment of biblical prophetic scriptures.  The warfare centers in deception and in idolatry.  THE NEW IDOLATRY.  God commanded “Thou shalt have no other … Continue reading

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The Religious Demon: No Quick Fixes

There are people with religious demons who are tormented either with hearing voices, fears of having committed the unpardonable sin 0r of going to hell  as well constantly are bombarded by blasphemous thoughts. Some can’t even read their bibles out loud or silently. … Continue reading

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