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Fetishes and Christian Magic

Fetishes and Christian Magic: An Excerpt From the New Idolatry Within the history of religion in general, fetishism is a form of magic,wherein an artificial object is revered and regarded as powerful enough to ensure protection. Likewise an amulet is … Continue reading

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Evil Spirits Need the Altered State

THE ALTERED STATE IS A HYPNOTIC TRANCE Among my faithful Facebook friends is a cadre of serious believers who continually share YouTube video clips, blogtalkradio programs, and various articles that dramatically portray how the enemy has infiltrated the Christian community with … Continue reading

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How I entered Into the Occult

My Personal Testimony: How I  Entered the Occult By Pam Sheppard The year was 1974 and I was an atheist.  I was so earthly that I seemed to be of no spiritual  good. Very practical, very much the cynic.   I … Continue reading

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I have been saved, born again since Monday— March 29, 1977 at about 4pm. Yet, once I wrote the book “the Fake Jesus” about 5 years ago, I found myself cleaning out my own temple from the deceptive influence of Sananda, Ashtar … Continue reading

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Prayer is an invocation to either God or the enemy. You can even sing a prayer. Recently I had to delete a song from my cell phone that I used to love and sing along with, until I realized that it … Continue reading

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"I Never KNEW YOU???

    What did Jesus mean by those  four somber words?   After more than two decades, I believe that I now understand why Jesus made such a  strange statement, as recorded in Matthew 7: 22, 23:   “Many will say to … Continue reading

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My First Encounter with an Orb   About 5 years ago, I was contacted by a pastor  from Denmark who had visited my website. I had a picture uploaded  of my storefront church among my photos  and the  pastor noticed … Continue reading

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