Course #202: Deliverance Prep

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Far too many of us neglect or minimize the danger of deception as a tool to put us in bondage. So simply put, you will learn how fallen angels and demons specialize, particularly how demonic seduction and temptation relates to you and your interactions with the people in your world. This course deals with essentials truths, principles and practices needed to overcome deception, by exposing false doctrine, the nature of seducing spirits, the unseen forces in control of the institutional church as well as those personality and character traits that draw various evil spirits to us.  Through this course, you will also learn how to detox from religion.

The three  books in the curriculum of this course are “The New Idolatry, Be Delivered from Deliverance Ministry and Faces of the Religious Demon.  The video segments are broken down into 4 levels, each level divided into 4 part.

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Level I: Know the Gospel,
Level II Know the Church
Level  III Know Your Enemy
Level IV  Know Yourself

Once each level is complete, it is recommended that you take the short answer test for that particular level, before you move to the next level. At the conclusion of each level, there is a 1000 word narrative for you to complete and email to us, if you desire. 

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