Course #203: Trying the Spirits

You will learn the difference between discerning of spirits and human discernment as well as why and how confirmation can come from the enemy. Some of the video titles within this course include : Recognizing the Voice of God,, How to Beware of Supernatural Set-Ups, A Historical Perspective of the Institutional Church, Why Catholics and Other Christian Cults Cannot Try the Spirits, Building Up Your Freewill, and How Doubt can be Your Best Friend.

The curriculum for this course consists of videos and two books:  Come Out of Her God’s People and The Church of the End-time Zombies.

IMG_0980     IMG_0148

Use both books to focus upon the influence of pride on our ability to try the spirits.  There is both a short answer and a narrative test.  The essay on delusions and illusions  is optional. 

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