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Slain in the Spirit, Part 1

Slain:  people who have been slain, dead, killed. We all have heard the phrase ‘slain in the spirit.’  A preacher lays hands on someone-or sometimes not-and then the people fall to the ground, out in somewhat of a ‘trance,’ supposedly … Continue reading

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Evil Spirits Need the Altered State

THE ALTERED STATE IS A HYPNOTIC TRANCE Among my faithful Facebook friends is a cadre of serious believers who continually share YouTube video clips, blogtalkradio programs, and various articles that dramatically portray how the enemy has infiltrated the Christian community with … Continue reading

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Tongues Opens a Demonic Doorway To Your Spirit

How I Protect My Spirit by Pam Sheppard Last fall, I was riding along slightly mesmerized by  the beautiful colors of the fall season, when a power came on me to compel me to speak in tongues.  As the first … Continue reading

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The year was 1974 and I was an atheist.  I was so earthly that I seemed to be of no spiritual  good. Very practical, very much the cynic.   I first opened up my spirit when I began to study and … Continue reading

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