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Setting Captives Free

Setting Captives Free In the beginning of my work in deliverance counseling in 2002 , I was  shocked and horrified at the manifestations that emanated from professing Christians. To hear even tongue talkers be used by demons to roar, growl and shout blasphemies … Continue reading

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Speaking in Tongues: Has Tongues Ceased?

Speaking in tongues was  one of Gods gifts to his people to help spread his message among His people. One the Day of Pentecost, in one local community there were 17 different languages spoken. They ALL heard the gospel in their own … Continue reading

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What Is the Spirit of Jezebel?

What is the Spirit of Jezebel? It should not surprise you the irony of where the teaching that there is an evil spirit  called Jezebel came from. It came from a Catholic nun by the name of Sister Nadine.  Five years … Continue reading

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THE FALSE JESUS: Are You Worshipping him?   HERE IS THE PATTERN. Those who came to know Jesus Christ through the organized church have come to know the Jesus of their understanding, embraced him, fallen in love with his sacrifice, … Continue reading

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