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Grieving the Holy Spirit

By Pam Sheppard The Holy Ghost has been reduced to what charismatics, Pentecostals and word of faithers call “the anointing.”  To most of this crowd, the Holy Ghost is “an it” that causes them to have goosebumps as they fall out … Continue reading

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Slain in the Spirit, Part 2

In ‘Slain in the Spirit, Part 1,’ I went into detail of what happens when one is slain in the spirit and how it lines up-or does not line up-with the scripture. We talked about how one is actually in … Continue reading

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Slain in the Spirit, Part 1

Slain:  people who have been slain, dead, killed. We all have heard the phrase ‘slain in the spirit.’  A preacher lays hands on someone-or sometimes not-and then the people fall to the ground, out in somewhat of a ‘trance,’ supposedly … Continue reading

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