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Seducing Spirits – Do they REALLY exist in the Church? Pt. 1

YES, THEY DO! What is a seducing spirit? When we hear the word ‘seduce,’ we think of soap operas where a man seduces a woman into the bed.  Or vice versa.  We always think of it in a sensual way. … Continue reading

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Seducing Spirits – Can they live in the church? Pt. 2

In part 1, I went into detail of what a seducing spirit is, how it may manifest in a church, and in an individual. Here in part 2, I want to share with you that this seducing spirit-which is nothing … Continue reading

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Deliverance Ministry and the Need for Repentance

It took more than two decades for me to discover that the enemy had called me into deliverance ministry. But God revealed it to me in recent years.  Some may think that perhaps I was fooled and that once again, … Continue reading

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Deliverance Ministry's Use of A List of Demon Names

Deliverance Ministry’s Use of a List of Demon Names In the field of deliverance ministry, there are 3 schools of thought: The Spiritual Warfare School, the Providential School and the Laodicean World View. The Spiritual Warfare school of thought is … Continue reading

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How To Help Yourself In Deliverance

HOW TO HELP YOURSELF IN DELIVERANCE Here are some practical ways to start the process of ridding yourself of demonic captivity by casting down imaginations and every high thing that would exalt itself above the knowledge of Christ and bringing … Continue reading

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Excerpts from “the New Idolatry” by Pam Sheppard CLICK THE COVER TO PREVIEW Satan, the Anti-Christ and fallen angels can only plant their agenda into the minds of humanity through the altered state  of consciousness.. As the sexual orgasm is … Continue reading

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Satan's Agenda for a Little Girl: Visitations from the Fake Jesus by Minister Kellie

By Minister Kellie Satan tried to steal my soul at a very young age. When I was three years old, I was sexually abused by the teenage boys and girls down the street from where I lived. What would a little girl know about … Continue reading

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